Our Approach


EONA is a small, independent, women-led business based in Porto, Portugal.

Growing up surrounded by the sea and witnessing the everchanging environment close up, we – like you – developed deep care and concern for our ecosystems and community, therefore rooting our practice a ‘buy less; buy better’ philosophy, which we believe to be the only way to attain the deep paradigm-change needed for long-term effects in the way we consume resources to take place.

We believe in conscious creation and strive to deliver responsibly-made collections that present a thoughtful alternative to mass-produced swimwear. Stitch by stitch, we aim to offer you considered pieces that are equal parts beauty, comfort and progress.

We realize that as we walk down the path to better practices, there will always be more to learn, new challenges to adapt to and endless possibilities to explore. Knowledge is power, so we choose to look at our journey towards sustainability as a multifaceted, honest conversation with our suppliers, workers and, most importantly, you - our customer - who makes all of this possible.

In doing our part, we are focused on ensuring a fully transparent and traceable supply chain, choosing to make through less damaging processes and therefore lowering our environmental impact. This way, you can be fully aware of what you are buying and make your very own, conscious choice.

Join us on our journey and help us track our progress.